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maelid joined on Mar 21st, 2011, since that has made 15 posts that are still accessible today, 0 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, maelid has given 19 upvotes, and was last online on Dec 18th, 2012.

  • In Pottermore

    @hais Lawl realised that I replied to the first post you ever made but w/e; for your alternate account did you use a separate e-mail ('cause I know they made a thing about that in the beta)

  • In Pottermore

    @hais Exactly the same, exactly the same ;__;

  • In Your Opinion on eBooks

    I didn't choose one of the options, because I definitely do not love eBooks, but I don't think I hate them (I wouldn't use one, but I wouldn't go around smashing each one I could find against the wall :D). I definitely prefer real books to an eBook, so "a book is a book" is out for me, and "I don't even read books"...no. But, as for real books vs. eBooks, there's just so many things about real books I like (mainly small things though, I guess). Although one of the main things is being able to flip through a book really easily just to skim, since I like rereading books a lot so, having to click one page at a time can be tedious in that case. Other than that, I just like being able to hold a book, and I find the smell very appealing. Price wise, I don't know much about eBooks, but I suppose they could be a money saver in the long run. The above comments about textbooks and such sound useful though.

  • In Friday 13'th

    Started the day off well: go to sleep in. Ended the day: Calculus Test. Fucked.

  • In Anti-Weeaboo Brigade

    Mmm... free firepower. I will join. Sounds fun!

  • In Let's play the Alphabet Game! :D

    A- Agonizing Or @Momimochi "A topic would be amazing"

  • In [Life] Message to anyone!

    Dear so-and-so again,

    I'm glad that you said you would talk to that person, and I really hope you do so. But this is a side note to what I really want to say (although if you really don't say anything to that person even though you said you would, I'll be a little disappointed). What I want to say, is that I know what you are doing now and I want you to stop it. I can't yell at you, scream at you, hit you until you understand, but I wish I could. You couldn't kill yourself that way so now you are thinking of that... Just, stop. Doing you know how unhealthy not eating is anyway? In the end starvation makes your stomach bloat and that's not damn well being skinny, is it!? And I know you'd say something stupid like "I'm eating enough not to pass out" or some other stupid bullshit like that and I don't think it's fucking funny You damn well better eat some of those cupcakes at your boyfriend's birthday party. How would do you like to have a friend who's like this because if you want to know, I can damn well make it that way!


  • In She is alive!

    Oh, Server-tan, even pseudo-alive I'm glad to have her back.

  • In CL Voice Dub Project: Parasite Eve (Audition Now!)

    I'm tempted by this. I don't know which roles my voice would work for though.

  • In Sub or Dub?

    Although I have, to my surprise, found some dubbed anime that I don't mind and that I have watched, overall I like the sub better. In general the emotions and flow is smoother to me. And I like finding out that the voice actor of this character is the same voice actor for that character.