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Formerly Mairu_Orihara

Kpop Queen and a Moderator of Colorless.

Hello! My name is Barbara and I am currently addicted to thighs and dancing. I am in my 20s and I live in Florida. Please feel free to contact me on Steam, Skype, or Discord. I go by Mairu, Maiirumaii or Mairu_orihara on all 3.

Mairu joined on Jun 24th, 2010, since that has made 263 posts that are still accessible today, 8 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Mairu has given 571 upvotes, and was last online on May 23rd, 2017.

  • In Durarara!! Survey & Light Novels

    I will be the first to say that I watched the anime, then read the light novel, found this website and then made my account. I don't remember jack about either anymore other than the Orihara's family and the reasons I fell in love with Mairu Orihara at the time. I tried watching the anime adaption with her in it, but I couldn't bring myself to love her the same way I had done before. I thought the anime focused more on the incest and less on her being this character that I thought was so free-minded and willing to destroy anything to get her way, as long as it was within her narrow morales. I could probably watch it now and thing differently, but this is all based on memory.

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  • In Convention Schedules 2017, 2018

    I will be at Holiday Matsuri and Metrocon in Florida this year.

    I am trying to be Elma or Lucoa from Kobayashi's Dragon maid, Jyugo & Nico from Nanbaka,& Mami from Madoka this year.

  • In Life Changing

    I heard lyrics from a song that has stuck with me and has been my source of motivation for years.

    "Take a breath and let the rest come easy.Never settle down cause the cash flow leaves me always wanting more."- Alex Gaskarth

  • In Hot Guys

    Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low.

    Been into him since early 2000s.I actually treasure the guitar pic I got from a concert once and my tattoo is about this band.

    Rap Monster

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  • In The Undateables
    • Un-Classy tattoos or piercings: I enjoy fine art, but not when it is overboard. I prefer to have tattoos hidden or small. I enjoy piercings not on the face, but it is not fun to make-out with a guy who has a tongue piercing. It is weird and I didn't enjoy it.

    • Smokers: I hate the smell and refuse to smell the same way. If it is weed, keep it away from me and we are fine. My nose is too sensitive and I already have second-hand smoke damage.

    • Obese: I am not the skinniest girl, but if he/she weighs twice my weight then it is a HUGE turn-off. I like long lanky-ass boys and girls who was thicc af, but not obese.

    • Tardiness: I am punctual and they have to be too, or else it angers me and is a waste of my time.

  • In K-Pop/ Hallyu Wave (News, Comebacks, etc)

    BLESS DEAN. I absolutely adore Dean and jam out to him all the time. His collab with Heize was so nice and refreshing to hear and it was my ringtone for 4 months.

    I am pretty sure everytime we spoke in the last year was about kpop.Ps I own every GOT7 album now.

  • In K-Pop/ Hallyu Wave (News, Comebacks, etc)

    I figured this was relevant now since so many older idols are enlisting this year and next.

  • In K-Pop/ Hallyu Wave (News, Comebacks, etc)

    Thank you for helping me add more terms! <3 Yoongi is my bias, but Namjoonie fucks me up

    I like how you introduced the members of each group, so thank you for that too! Also, FTISLAND came back not long ago, didn't they? I know they had a Japanese comeback about a week ago, but I know I saw them on the rumored upcoming comebacks for April!

    Suga is our lord and Savior.