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Formerly Mairu_Orihara

Kpop Queen and a Moderator of Colorless.



Hello! My name is Barbara and I am currently addicted to thighs and dancing. I am in my 20s and I live in Florida. Buy me smirnoff shots and I will love you. Please feel free to contact me on Steam, Skype, or Discord. I go by Mairu, Maiirumaii or Mairu_orihara on all 3.



Mairu joined on Jun 24th, 2010, since that has made 265 posts that are still accessible today, 8 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Mairu has given 575 upvotes, and was last online on Jun 28th, 2017.

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  • In Anime Soundtracks

    Nanbaka has one of my favorite soundtracks of all time. The opening is so light-hearted and gets you pumped! The rest fo the album then has songs for each character and they appeal to well. Jyuugo's going from comedical to serious, while Uno's is light-hearted all around. I listen to both the ending and opening on Spotify almost daily. The band Super Ball even has a video where they break down the Guitar solo. Fun Fact: Season 2 op is still Hashiguchikanaderiya, but this time without the boys of The Super Ball.

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    I will be the first to say that I watched the anime, then read the light novel, found this website and then made my account. I don't remember jack about either anymore other than the Orihara's family and the reasons I fell in love with Mairu Orihara at the time. I tried watching the anime adaption with her in it, but I couldn't bring myself to love her the same way I had done before. I thought the anime focused more on the incest and less on her being this character that I thought was so free-minded and willing to destroy anything to get her way, as long as it was within her narrow morales. I could probably watch it now and thing differently, but this is all based on memory.

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  • In Convention Schedules 2017, 2018

    I will be at Holiday Matsuri and Metrocon in Florida this year.

    I am trying to be Elma or Lucoa from Kobayashi's Dragon maid, Jyugo & Nico from Nanbaka,& Mami from Madoka this year.

  • In Life Changing

    I heard lyrics from a song that has stuck with me and has been my source of motivation for years.

    "Take a breath and let the rest come easy.Never settle down cause the cash flow leaves me always wanting more."- Alex Gaskarth

  • In Hot Guys

    Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low.

    Been into him since early 2000s.I actually treasure the guitar pic I got from a concert once and my tattoo is about this band. https://68.media.tumblr.com/e0e591031feb2ca917242f90b3a6afb1/tumblr_oneb0tgrfh1tiqrg2o1_1280.png


    Rap Monster



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  • In The Undateables
    • Un-Classy tattoos or piercings: I enjoy fine art, but not when it is overboard. I prefer to have tattoos hidden or small. I enjoy piercings not on the face, but it is not fun to make-out with a guy who has a tongue piercing. It is weird and I didn't enjoy it.

    • Smokers: I hate the smell and refuse to smell the same way. If it is weed, keep it away from me and we are fine. My nose is too sensitive and I already have second-hand smoke damage.

    • Obese: I am not the skinniest girl, but if he/she weighs twice my weight then it is a HUGE turn-off. I like long lanky-ass boys and girls who was thicc af, but not obese.

    • Tardiness: I am punctual and they have to be too, or else it angers me and is a waste of my time.

  • In K-Pop/ Hallyu Wave (News, Comebacks, etc)

    BLESS DEAN. I absolutely adore Dean and jam out to him all the time. His collab with Heize was so nice and refreshing to hear and it was my ringtone for 4 months.

    I am pretty sure everytime we spoke in the last year was about kpop.Ps I own every GOT7 album now.