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99th percentile

Rin's my stripper.
Look at that Bootybootybootybootybooty

Momimochi joined on May 15th, 2010, since that has made 2174 posts that are still accessible today, 15 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Momimochi has given 2272 upvotes, and was last online on Sep 29th, 2014.


    Why are you feeling bad when OP themselves is surprised it's on front page.

    This coming from OP.

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    Ask @Ucui
    He does it on a regular basis pre' much.


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    Also pimped the Shintaros.

  • In IRL Picture Thread

    You know.
    Like, this wasn't even a fleshed-out pose.
    This was the stage of preparing pimp as hell Konoha.

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    The fact that I finished something in one go astounds me.

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    Tingles, cosplay in itself is a completely different thing. You can sell pictures of people in cosplays from copyrighted works of fiction and it won't even scratch the surface of breaking the law-- unless if you're selling without the consent of the cosplayers.

    Same applies to fanarts, actually, unless if the author has specifically stated at one point that you can't (ie. Homestuck).


    I heard there was a thing called pitch. What's that. I did it, Tingles. I did it.

    here, @vickylannister, @--Jack--, as the first two people I see on the online list of chat, go ahead.

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    @9mm knows me well.

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    Y'all don't know the extent of my love for Gnar.
    Also someone teach me how to draw feet and animals.


    I-- don't like you.

    What is singing. How to sing?