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99th percentile

Momimochi joined on May 15th, 2010, since that has made 2356 posts that are still accessible today, 18 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Momimochi has given 2463 upvotes, and was last online on Jul 30th, 2016.

  • In IRL Picture Thread

    yoo I only post cos pics because my face is like, 90% different based make-up.

  • In IRL Picture Thread
  • In IRL Picture Thread

    A squirrel

  • In IRL Picture Thread

    When your friend makes you look lit af and you're just looking at it like "who dis"


  • In 【CL Chorus: Mixing stage】BRAVE SHINE 【Seriously, Imma cull you late people】

    People are still getting their shit in and I was slaving over youtube chorus videos for singers with real subscribers.

  • In Pokemon GO [Vive la France!]

    tfw I perma my AR mode off to save batteries because battery jew

  • In CL Song Covers

    Would've actually tuned myself too but, you know.
    I wanted to get this embarrassment done ASAP.

  • In CL Song Covers

    I am so fucking sorry
    I fucking hate Pokemon GO

  • In Artists of Colorless

    Some of the acrylic charm designs I'm working on for Artist Alley.

    Don't Artist Alley, guys. It will fuck over your life for weeks

  • In Pokemon GO [Vive la France!]

    This game is fucking stupid.
    My phone's sole purpose now is to serve my "walks"