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99th percentile

Momimochi joined on May 15th, 2010, since that has made 2317 posts that are still accessible today, 16 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Momimochi has given 2422 upvotes, and was last online on Oct 3rd, 2015.

  • In Anime/ Manga/ Visual Novel Query Thread

    I want to say Macross Frontier but I am like, 90% sure they actually have a cockpit and they control it by controls from what I remember like over a decade ago.

    I'm thinking Genesis of Aquarion but they were Sailor Moon transformation glitter naked half the time ahue.

  • In Durarara General

    I actually can't tell if this cancer was a c/p from some tumblr post or if this is serious.

  • In What if CL were...

    If CL was a person, they would die a cranky wizard, knowing only the pleasures of fapping to furries.

  • In Moderator Applications: CLOSED!

    Dude shit I need to continue this tradition of c/ping my half-assed application for three years straight

  • In Introduction

    This thread for intro, bruh. It's pinned.

    Other than that ive been a member since 2010


  • In One-Punch Man Gets an Anime Adaption!

    Just gonna bump this because episode 1's pretty much out.
    In RAW.
    Based preview so everyone gets on the hype train.
    It's beautiful

  • In CL User Guide: Kirn

    Why it's not new user friendly:

    1) Implies hierarchy- It's fine if the user themselves made the post because it can easily be taken as a e-peen egotistical joke but this was made by another user for a single specific user. There is only one of these threads. It's basically saying: Fuck all the other users, this is the only one who's worthy of respect. they're not I mean, coming from people who's been here for a while, yeah we get it's just normal CL attitude to pull shit like that but remember that new users probably don't have that mindset.

    2) It's not a warning- It's really not. It's basically telling you how you should act or else you deserve and should expect to be harassed. No. No one deserves or should expect to get harassed. I mean, yeah, you're on the interwebs and you should probably prepare yourself for it, but this is basically akin to saying slut-shaming women is fine. They deserve it because they dress a certain way that they feel comfortable in. It's pretty much like saying: well, yeah, you wouldn't have gotten raped if you didn't do X.
    It's the same shit.

    3) Respect to gain respect is not applied- Look at the thread. It's not saying that respect is reciprocal. It's basically saying only you should respect Kirn but he doesn't have to respect you for shit. Kinda ties in with hierarchy point.

    My point is, this thread basically brings misconceptions to new users and pretty much throws them on the bottom of the shitpile.
    They shouldn't be told to act a certain way just to cater to someone. No one should. And should someone be a dick to the person, they should feel the obligation to send in a complaint without having someone to say "well, a thread warned you not to act like that around X". That's fucked up and just gives a bad impression to the community in whole.

  • In CL User Guide: Kirn

    I'm not trying to be racist. I am legitimately openly racist. Lolwut.

    Also I'm not in here saying I don't care about you. Well, I don't. I was originally in here just saying that the thread's kind of distastefully awkward and embarrassing, which, admin agrees, and pointing out a wee little mistake. You took salt in that yourself nigguh.

  • In CL User Guide: Kirn


    I worry for your perception of yourself. I only get envious at other Asians. Don't hold yourself so high lol.

    Also, I never exactly tried to build one. It's a weeb site for fuck's sake. It's the LAST place I care about having a good rep nevermind a high rep. You know who else actually cared about their rep on a weeb site? Sen and DC. And guess who's the one that desperately wanted that same rep but never got it? You. Lol.
    That being said, I would never be envious of a thirty year old something man being obsessed enough with a dying site that they would lurk constantly and occassionally even create alt accounts to show how salty they are for being perma'd. Now that, is about the only thing I can find it in my entire body to respect even a little bit.

  • In CL User Guide: Kirn

    The ass-kissing is so strong in this. Same with the secondhand embarrassment that comes with reading first post after OP.

    Also just like to point out that:

    He's an old member that is known to people and has a very high reputation.

    I irl lol'd because let's face it, "a very high reputation" doesn't apply to most of the older members of the site. I guess if you're gonna bring back the "-fag" labeling of the eras, you'd be talking about midfags. Not even. LATE-midfags.