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    Some of the acrylic charm designs I'm working on for Artist Alley.

    Don't Artist Alley, guys. It will fuck over your life for weeks

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    This game is fucking stupid.
    My phone's sole purpose now is to serve my "walks"

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    For you, child.

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    Putting this here again, do not use Vocaroo to record your voice. Use Audacity or anything else. Just, not Vocaroo.

  • In Was/Is College Worth it?

    Depends on what you want to do, and how you want to get there, really.

    College/University/Post-secondary institutions are there to serve more as a means of establishing networks with companies and such for your desired field of work in a comfortable environment that's suited to you, as opposed to going out there on your own and establishing networks with absolutely no one backing you up. For example, if you were to pursue a job as a novelist or a comic artist, instead of studying these techniques on your own and then submitting scripts to publishing companies, completely banking everything on luck, you would spend four or so years in the institution learning techniques and technicalities of the industry from people who are still very much actively involved with that community and that job. They allow you to, in essence, train yourself and then they, who has a basic idea of how these companies work and the basic expectations of these companies, grade you and give you further feedback to tailor you to these expectations. At the same time, if you choose to take the time to communicate and pretty much suck up to your professors, a network gets established and you might get referrals to publishing companies that your professors are connected to.
    Obviously, there are many other ways of getting that same network whether it be joining intern or co-op programs tailored for your specialization.

    Going back on the topic of what you want to do, there are certain jobs in this world that requires you to have degrees. If you're not interested in these jobs, but are interested in jobs that have degrees but are not necessary if you've established a name for yourself, again, you can weigh your options. For example, if you want to get a job as, say, a graphic designer without going to post-secondary institutions for the degree, chances are, companies and/or individual start-up businesses would pick the person with the degree over the person without purely because that person has the credentials and qualifications on paper that they have, indeed, receive training and are thus, "more professional". That's not to say that people without degrees haven't been able to become financially adequate; it's just that companies are generally more inclined to hire people who has had experience in the field of work that you're doing along with certifications to back your claims.

    End-game though, is what you want to do. Post-secondary institutions focus on specific aspect of academics. It's there to train you in only one specific field of specialization. If you don't want to go into any specific field, then you don't need to go to post-secondary.

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    Guess how much cash was used.

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    Even though it's gonna be CG'd af, Guts is the only thing that matters (and Griffith but Guts)

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