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99th percentile

Online Projects

I am available to help with and organize projects such as choruses, medleys, fandubs and contests. Whether it be as an audio/video editor, as a voice-actress or simply as a project manager, I am ready to participate in any project that fits my schedule.

Job & Schooling

Currently a nuclear medicine student, a private tutor and a teacher, I am benevolently available to anyone who happens to need help with their science-related homework and assignments.

As a Friend <3

Anime, gaming, sciences and literature are my main fields of interest. I am also up for an intellectual or science-related discussion, at any time~

n1xx joined on May 3rd, 2010, since that has made 399 posts that are still accessible today, 5 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, n1xx has given 1067 upvotes, and was last online on May 8th, 2015.

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    @Kid & @Lycan: At this point, I guess it's almost a formality. As long as we all understand the rules in the OP, everything should go smoothly. :)

  • In Canadian Colo(u)rless

    @Kittycat: I admit not mentioning it much lately, so that may be why! Despite how much Quebec likes to disown Canada, I love this country and consider myself Canadian. <3

  • In Canadian Colo(u)rless

    Tomorrow is the official day for Quebec elections! As the polls say, we might be heading towards a majority Liberal government this time.

    I'm not a separatist, so PQ(Parti Québécois) and QS(Québec Solidaire) are obviously out of the question for me(even though I have a lot of respect for QS's leader, Françoise David). And economy-wise, I'll have to admit that both CAQ(Coallition Avenir Québec) and PLQ(Parti Libéral du Québec) are tempting. But I seem to agree more with the Liberals' less extreme version of the charter of values, since many of the immigrants here have already gotten used to a life without such regulations.

    In any case, I'll probably be staying up late until they announce Quebec's new prime minister tomorrow.

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  • In Chat Events & Contest Idea!

    To Summarize

    The content of this thread calls for some summaries of the ideas involved. I'll be enumerating most points that have been agreed on, in order for the community to focus on them more and to lead this thread in a more constructive direction.

    • Without a doubt, any 4/20 themes of any sort are out of the question on the site. As it goes against our general rules, and might harm our younger audience. (However, @DJSkully is free to host their playlist on chat.)
    • Users seem to approve of various chat themes, as long as they are not imposed on them. As a result, @Warlock has implemented a chat mode which lets members switch to the new themes, whenever they wish.
    • As @Kirn mentioned, we might need tutorials for those who would like to design new chat themes. For this, our administrator mentioned being ready to supply base files for all those who are interested.
    • The idea of a Chat Theme Contest is still in discussion, as we obviously need more users expressing their interest for this. Contest or not though, we might simply make a detailed thread asking for community contributions, without making a contest out of it.
    • Finally, having an Easter Egg Hunt on the site has been generally well-received. There has been some worry about there being a possible religious affiliation, but this can easily be fixed by modifying the name of the event.

    Please don't hesitate to reply with any important point that I might have forgotten. I'll add it to the list above!

    EDIT: I've also slightly modified the OP of this thread, for it to be more relevant to the above topics.

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