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Some Might know me by my other names, Travis, Henry, Kain, Kainmoogle... Most, if not all, are me

Polnareff joined on Sep 26th, 2010, since that has made 48 posts that are still accessible today, 4 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Polnareff has given 54 upvotes, and was last online on Jun 5th, 2016.

  • In Wow, CL has changed...

    @Noodle True, but i did not intend on it becoming a "Welcome Back" Thread. I had intended on it more of being a "I had left due to this problem, and now (Period of time) later I randomly checked in on the website and similar, if not the same problems still exist" Thread

  • In Social Media!

    But we're having fun making you butthurt

  • In Social Media!

    @sonicx Hey Look, it's one of the 12 year olds from xbox live! When your balls have decended we can have a proper conversation

  • In Wow, CL has changed...

    Eh, I've gone a while without sleep, might be my reasoning for my mistakes.

  • In Wow, CL has changed...

    @Senkonna I beg your pardon?

  • In Unique ideas for a new game?

    @break That actually sounds like an amazing idea, but after a while it would take up too much server space, i think... But amazing idea nonetheless

  • Wow, CL has changed...

    I remember when i was first introduced to this website... My friends had just introduced me to DRRR! and we all decided to join up. At first it was awesome... there were so many threads to read and go through, the chat was cool, just like in the show. I made friends, tried to participate, be one of the crowd. But then it got bad. The "Goodbye CL" Threads, which people used for getting attention and boosting their ego, the ranting and complaining about the Goodbye threads, which i, unfortunately, was a part of, and the Complaining about the complainers... I left, due to personal problems in my life, unsure if i would return. And today i get on my computer, see the CL bookmark on chrome, and decide, "why not?" And i see that nothing has changed. There's still the good parts, the threads about games, art, anime, But then there's still the attention whores... all that has changed is the Mask this site wears, a new look, but the same underneath. I'm glad i came back, but i'm wary, because just as extremists in everything (Brony community, Twilight fans, Justin Beiber Fans) become aggravating, i am aware that people can do the same here. Thank you to all who will read this Novel, And i'm Glad to be back.

  • In Skullgirls is here!

    I love this game! My only problem is this: Randomly, while playing in any mode, my character will become a stack of green rectangles, any hints as to why, or how to fix it?