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Just someone who goes on and off Colorless. Used-to-be frequent member.

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  • In Do You Believe in the God-Emperor?

    The God-Emprah protects!

  • In I Write Like

    Apparently, I write like David Foster Wallace, Margaret Mitchell, and William Shakespeare.

    Some months ago, I got Chuck Palahniuk and J.D. Salinger. @_@

  • In Who would make a good main cast for the Good Omens movie?

    I'm a little iffy with the Rowan Atkinson suggestion. Mostly because I can't really picture him as a blond. I also have a small problem imagining how Aziraphale would look like especially since he's been described having a bit of a stomach... Mark Sheppard always comes to mind, but the personality seems a little off?

    Simon Pegg is a good choice, but I think Tom Hiddleston could pull it off quite nicely too. :>

  • In CL Coliseum The Battle is Over, our Champion made!

    @Shirosuke @Yumitoho @kuraihikari @Momimochi @Arachne @Akri

    Ohmygoshhh, you guys. ;___; I feel really stupid for having deleted my files. orz Great entries!!! Good luck to everyoneeeeee~

    I'll probably redo my picture when I have the time, and post it somewhere you guys can see (since I honestly really enjoyed drawing your characters)... :'D

  • In CL Coliseum The Battle is Over, our Champion made!

    I'm sorry but I have to withdraw from the contest.

    I... accidentally deleted my files. ;__; I'd make a new entry if I could but I'm afraid my workload is too heavy to make time for drawing.

    Here's a WIP of it (from a week ago). I was pretty much finished with the lineart but then, instant kaput.

    Honestly enjoyed drawing your characters. Best of luck to you guys.

  • In COMING SOON: Bishounen Contest!

    I'd join but I have a reputation for writing very bland characters. XD

  • In CL Coliseum The Battle is Over, our Champion made!

    @Elegy I-- Sorry. ;_; The exploding part may have been too much.

  • In CL Coliseum The Battle is Over, our Champion made!

    (Right to left)

    AAAAAAAAH.I just woke up. @____@

    Had a hard time trying to figure out how to condense everything in 6 panels, but yaaay.

    @Elegy It's cool. I realize that everyone is busy. Looking forward to that art tho. :)

  • In CL Coliseum The Battle is Over, our Champion made!

    I'm in the middle of resizing. J-just a sec.... 0_0

  • In Open call for character design/artist for original project.

    I think a collaboration between artists will be less taxing. Although one problem you're bound to run into will be style consistency.

    Uh, well... can't offer much at the moment but here you go: