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99th percentile

probably emptying my bio could save some data if you're stalking me..

shafnat joined on Oct 1st, 2011, since that has made 840 posts that are still accessible today, 6 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, shafnat has given 1352 upvotes, and was last online on Nov 30th, 2019.

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    man lets be specific.... "SOUTH EAST ASIAN"

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    Ira is this the same as this ?

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    Feeling like sharing, this is another design contest i've ever been doing. With a couple of friends.

    Ruang untuk Kita

    "A story about what they deserve."


    The background issue that is being the topic of this design was about disabled people. Those who were disabled with special needs are feeling discriminated because there are boundaries between us and them.We have some kind of "border" that makes we can enjoy some things while they can't, including the beauty of a shore side.


    This space is designed for them who have special needs so they are able to enjoy the atmosphere of the shoreside and to eradicate the boundaries between us and them.


    (TO BE HONEST AND BOLD, we were so out of idea and i came out from a cafe toilet to them and i shouted "EUREKA!". The floor plan looks like dick from above and yes it's inspired of a shape of a dick)



    No stairs, only ramps compatible with all the wheelchair universal standard. A reading space for them who feels like enjoying the beach with books. A long, nice space towards the sea for a nice view, accessible for wheelchair users and elders. A wheelchair friendly ramps to the toilet and also a disabled-friendly toilet configurations.

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    (Dear filipinos, im asking permission to use these words) HAHAH of course my conqueror punyeta. What would you like me to serve you, would you like a bowl of pagpag?

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    Skateboarding, but haven't skated again this semester. Too busy. So i just lift some dumbbells at the morning as daily thing, and i do badminton with some classmates once a week just to keep myself fit, not aiming to be a pro or smth.

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    I am now totally happy with a presence of a real barista in this thread, really. And that is indeed one intention of me creating this thread, to get someone that knows much about coffee and willing to share. Since so far i only learn about it from my friend who is a barista working in an independent coffee shop and from youtube. Really would like to hear anything you would like to share in advance, and of course to try them with any tools i have right now.

    About supporting local coffee shops, i'm trying to always do! i live in the area of my univ and theres a lot of cafes here, i do visit each one to try their coffee..and took notes of their tastes and prices...lol. But yeah, it's always nice to be in a small cafe to drink some coffee and do assignments and projects there. I wish there's more coffee festivals around. It'd be fun to visit. Well, probably will do once i graduated tho.

    NOW why not start by sharing something about manual brewing ehehe. Like, tools you'd recommend, water coffee ratio.. or anything?

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    cl "last" page shortcut in a user's profile is a door to the world of cringe

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    the taste alone, i think? before that cup i only have french press and vietnam drip pot, and the coffee coming out of it was never as good as how i made it with aeropress - which is this one.