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99th percentile

probably emptying my bio could save some data if you're stalking me..

shafnat joined on Oct 1st, 2011, since that has made 840 posts that are still accessible today, 6 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, shafnat has given 1352 upvotes, and was last online on Nov 30th, 2019.

  • In Sub or Dub?

    I prefer subs..because i don't really understand if someone talking english like usual talk (except if i seriously hear them).. and then i like the original japanese voice, from the subtitles we can understand some japanese meaning(which i often heard is "arigatou gozaimas" "daijoubu desuka?" or many more) :)

  • In The continue of my closest friends(CL)

    @InvisibleRainbow : uoh, i would like to! :D but i don't have any reference to draw you, maybe you can tell me how do you look like, or use any gravatar so i can draw you similar to it.. :D

    @wanderlust : you're welcome, Lusty -saan!! :D

  • In Artwork drawn by a Duck

    @DSP : oh, SAI? okay then i'll try to use that to beautify my colorless drawing! :) uh, how long did you take a time for making one of it? :o

  • In The continue of my closest friends(CL)
    special for @Agitation (iza)

  • In Dog Days (Anime)

    i have watched only 1 episode from that anime, but i still don't know the story of it.. i'll watch soon.:)

  • In what's your favorite anime episode?

    Angel Beats!!! itsumo hitoori de aruiteta..furi kaeru too.. minna wa tooku~


    @Jin_sama hwaaaaaa greaaaat!!!!! i don't know what should i say but you're THE PROFESSIONAL!!! >_<

  • In How did The Colorless change you!

    Before: My manga was SUCKS I've never watched anime i don't know anything about abroad lifestyle my english SUCKS(grammar and capitalization) i can't leave facebook for temporary

    After: my manga still SUCKS,but improving i know much anime films my english improving a lot.. but still sucks too.. i had a lot of friends i had a trick in order to not having any GF i can leave facebook forever.. :)

  • In Artwork drawn by a Duck

    @DSP : whoa great! i like it.. :) i like the forest one.. uh, what application that you used to draw that? i usually use SAI, but i don't really like drawing on computer.. oficially HANDMADE... :) do you mind if i post mine here? :o

  • In Art Resources- References, Tutorials, etc.

    @Momimochi : Whoa thank you! you've done good! because i usually open this chou's thread (before) when i feel difficult in drawing! :D