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98th percentile

I'm going to put this here, I think it's important.

I'm sorry. Disappearing randomly seems to be something I do, and it's not fair to people who have gotten to know me. It's actually really shitty of me.

There are fantastic users here, and I am lucky to be a part of the community.

I'm not going to be on here nearly as often as I used to. I will check my PMs every few days and I will also pop into the chat when possible.


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    You're a cutie.

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    EVE Online -

    Dark Souls -

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    Why can't I have more free time?

    -7 hours of sleep on average a day.

    -40 hours of work a week (job sometimes has be being held over, so sometimes more)

    -40 minutes of travel to and from work for each shift = about 5 hours a week of work related driving

    49 hours sleeping a week, 40 hours working, 5 hours driving to and from work ends up being 94 hours of non-negotiable time used each week.

    168 hours in a week, -94 hours = 74 hours of free time.

    I don't know why, but it doesn't FEEL like much at all.


    ALSO... why does one of my favorite smut artists have to be a jerk? I feel so conflicted!

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    I crashed my bike tonight and had a quick hospital visit.


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    happy birthday

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    You've got this! o/

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