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98th percentile

sonanoka joined on May 19th, 2010, since that has made 71 posts that are still accessible today, 0 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, sonanoka has given 173 upvotes, and was last online on Sep 22nd, 2016.

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    I crashed my bike tonight and had a quick hospital visit.


  • In Lieutenant birthday celebration thread. [Choosing the right cake for Lt]

    happy birthday

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    You've got this! o/

  • In Post the song that matches your current feeling in life.

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  • In Post what you're listening to.

  • In The kind of people u dislike. -___-

    Myself sometimes.

    Anybody who isn't willing to look at both sides of a story.

    Anybody who blindly dislikes someone else for reasons even they aren't clear about.

    I like to think I'm someone who can look at both sides of a situation with an unbiased opinion, but there are people I dislike for reasons I don't completely understand. I owe an apology or two for that.

  • In What Are You Thinking Right Now

    I feel lost sometimes, like I don't even know what I'm looking for.

    It sort of feels like I'm missing something, but it's not obvious what that is.

    Typing that out makes it sound cryptic, I guess it's hard to put into words.

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    Discord is alright.