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sully joined on Jun 19th, 2011, since that has made 262 posts that are still accessible today, 1 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, sully has given 346 upvotes, and was last online on Jul 7th, 2014.

  • In The Colorless Writing Prompt: Song Fiction

    i'd like to participate :D Should be done within the next few weeks

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    oh my...that hair <33333

  • In How much do you know about the CL members

    Is a seductive lustful trap, hardcore yaoi fag, a writer, awesome artist, a realistic dude who is true to themselves, takes no shit from no one.

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  • In Ready Player One

    I haven't read that book, but i have read this book when i was a young kiddo, http://images.angusrobertson.com.au/images/ar/74842ce3/74842ce3-c56e-4f74-87a7-90cb7e319aba/0/0/plain/the-day-my-bum-went-psycho.jpg

    it's about people bottoms who had enough of being mistreated, and are not taking shit from no one, and take over the world.

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    @Kosukechan what movie is that? :O

  • In Doctor who: Series 7 Discussion

    shoot, @Gargron, meant to say will be released this Saturday,

  • In Doctor who: Series 7 Discussion


    The first episode of Doctor who will be released this Saturday 7:20pm GMT On BBC One

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    you dont know



  • In The Colorless AMV Contest! (Recruiting Judges!)

    Right here is my part:

    @Lotto Total: (29/40)

    • Sychronization: (7/10) The song choice was defiantly interesting and i give credit to that, however there are some parts in the AMV were the melody of the song did not suite the actual scene.

    • Rendering: (10/10) The overall quality of the video was perfect and i had no problems with it.

    • Theme Representation: (5/10) Though the video was cute, and a joy to watch. I was unable to see or deduct the element of forbidden love in the AMV. In my perspective, it seemed more of a one-sided love.

    • Originality: (7/10) I'm sorry but nothing in the AMV screamed new to me and it looked more of a cliche. However i really loved the colours. And i just cannot explain it, it's like as if you are composing the song and the picture into one harmony. I know i'm not making any sense but put it this way. You cannot have one without the other, and together they become a perfect item. That is what i liked about your AMV.

    @n1xx Total: (33/40)

    • Sychronization: (7/10) The song choice and the timing was perfect, however there are some parts were that the song did seem to drag on.

    • Rendering: (10/10) I had no problem with the resolution/quality of the video.

    • Theme Representation: (8/10) The video defiantly did relate to the theme, you could clearly see it and your video was gut-kicking and you get this twisted sensation which i really liked.

    • Originality: (8/10) What i liked about your AMV was that there were numerous of times where the video did in fact caught me by surprise, the running, falling, the death of some of the characters and the ending, all fitted perfectly with the song. The speech given by the father and the moment of silence all contributed to the theme and the guy constantly looking back at the beads of the bracelet reinforced the forbidden element, as well as mixing up the present and the past which was unique. However, there are some parts which i personally thought was not necessary at all, for example at 1:25 and 2:13, without them the video would have still given out the same message.

    @kosukechan total: (34/40)

    • Sychronization: (8/10) The song choice defiantly played a major role in the video. What made it special with that the song conducting a sad and sentimental story which i really liked about it.

    • Rendering: (10/10) I, yet again have no problem with overall video quality and it's resolution.

    • Theme Representation: (8/10) The AMV showed clear signs of the theme and it was tear-jerking. What made it special was that fact you could see how badly they wanted each other and they could not bare to be parted. What i liked about your video was that the interruption of the outsiders, (The part were they opened the door) you could see how they are unable to understand the love of the 2 characters which made the relationship complicating.

    • Originality: (8/10) The video was sad, and tear-jerking as mentioned above. The way you focused on one of the character was fascinating and how she cried/ and was upset several times made the video more emotional and beautiful. You sequencing an everyday situation of the characters which is rare and it worked well. The combination of fast and slow past was unique. However, the only criticism that i have is that you put all the emotions/surprises in the beginning which is good but made some of the others scenes drag on, similar to what nx11 did. Other then that i really like it.

    @break Total: (30/40)

    • Sychronization: (7/10) The beginning part of the song was in time with when the characters spoke which was brilliant. However, though the words of the songs did relate to the video i still felt it's was a pity that you changed from your original idea.

    • Rendering: (10/10) The quality/resolution was perfect and i have nothing to say against it.

    • Theme Representation: (7/10) The video showed clear signs of forbidden love and the constant killing/ regretting it afterwards/ tears all were done wonderfully.

    • Originality: (6/10) What i liked about your video was that you focused on 2 couples which was great, however i felt that the first couple had more emotion then the second one because the you had the first couple attack each other and the girl regretting it afterwards whereas in the second couple it was more of society wanting to pull them part. I still believe that you slacked of towards the end which is a let down, if you could have used it happy scenes with the first two characters embracing each other so that given it more emotion because you used the beginning of the video to have them killing/attacking each other.

    Apologies if you thought my judging was too harsh. I really enjoyed watching each and every video which were made, they all were different and had a different approach to it. And i would be more then happy to do more judging in the future.