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Just a pharmacy student who happens to like video games, music, and reading~ O-oh... and puzzles too! Also an apparent thread killer... ;_;

syunfung joined on Jun 27th, 2010, since that has made 26 posts that are still accessible today, 1 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, syunfung has given 31 upvotes, and was last online on Feb 14th, 2014.

  • In i need your help once again

    If he were not in a bad mood and said those things in a clear mind, it would depend on whether he valued his pride or his friendship more. I mean, if he were right, then he probably should stick to his statements; he would look like he can not stick by his words if he did not. However, he stated he was in a bad mood; it was probably not something he meant to do and a girl was hurt in the process. Forget the "mind of steel"; you did wrong to her and as you already feel guilt about it, I am sure she will understand! :)

    Of course, if she refuses to talk to you, you have an option of speaking to one of her best girlfriends or finding another method to get her attention to listen to you. It will work far better than putting it as a short note or something.

  • In Who needs a hard drive? Kingston announces 1TB flash drive

    If anything, I think it's more of a "we can actually do it!" type scenario than a "we think people will actually shell out two high-end computers' worth of money for this" scenario. o.o

    I can't imagine using a whole TB on a thumbdrive. Like @Ashkachan mentioned, 1TB HD's (I assume you're referring to externals? :/ ) are pretty cheap and could be even cheaper if you buy a hard drive and put it in an enclosure...

  • In Why do you keep coming back to CL?
  • In Do you think Colorless is dead?

    Good Lord... I am not one to usually judge other people, but I am sorry, I will not spare the time to read your message if it is not presented clearly. I already have a stressful enough time in the time I am not on this site. Frankly, it was stressful enough that I took a long hiatus until now. As such, I really do not desire to have to decipher something as inconsistent as the earlier posts and I am sure many people on this site that lead productive yet stressful lives have already elaborated this point numerous times.

    You have come into the grounds of The Colorless. While we can normally be welcoming (as you saw a "Welcome to the Colorless" post earlier), if you do not conform to what rules are set forth - even if they are unwritten - you will be met with criticism and you will not be heard. If you are indeed trying to conform to the whole "proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation" rule that we have laid before you, then I would suggest the following:


  • In What's your stance on your health?

    Yes definitely listen to @syunfung She's probably more up to date on a lot of this pharmacy stuff than I am atm because she's still in school and I am still shoved away in some lab that never sees the light of day. Like, I wasn't aware they were teaching to not classify APAP as an NSAID. That's news to me lol.

    Weeeeellllll, I wouldn't say to listen to me just yet, since I don't yet have my license or my degree yet! Besides, I'm liable to follow in your footsteps of being in a lab that never sees the light of day! :p As for the NSAID thing, it had more to do with at the time, they proposed all these different mechanisms of action for the APAP, whereas the NSAIDs were confirmed to be based on blockage of prostaglandin synthesis due to cyclooxygenase blocking. I THINK however they've confirmed there's some semblance of COX blocking by APAP recently but they believe there's something else in addition to that cascade. @_@

    Holy son of a-- @syunfung you fag where've you been.

    Oh, you know... getting owned by pharmacy school... >_<

  • In What's your stance on your health?

    Do you go to the doctor? How severe does the illness have to be to warrant you going to the doctor?

    It usually isn't a "how severe" as much as a "time" issue for me. If it only affects me a day or two, I just self-medicate. If on the dawn of the third day (okay, too much Majora's Mask lately...) I still am not functioning properly, I bite the bullet and make an appointment. The main issue is finding time, since I'm pretty much in class from 8AM until maybe 6PM these days... >_<

    Do you take meds? Or do you strictly only drink medicines that only the doctor has prescribed?

    As I mentioned a little earlier, I tend to self-medicate. This is only recently though, for the reasons of it being difficult for me to access a doctor at the moment (frankly, the last few times I saw a nurse practitioner, I had to suggest to her what to prescribe!) and probably hubris of being a third year pharmacy student. When I know something is beyond the care of an OTC medication, I go straight to the office; I don't want it to continue building up to a point I'll be out of commission for longer than I wish.

    For the whole "pharma is in cahoots with doctors" thing, sadly, that's the case. Pharmaceutical companies have representatives that advertise to doctors and even other pharmacists from time to time to make sure the brand name still is being stocked in addition with the generics and that the brand is prescribed more often. It used to be we got these nifty thumb drives, pens, and free lunches. Recent legislation banned that type of thing though, so we just get the "drug discount cards" for patients that can't afford them anymore. It also sparked some universities (like mine) to start offering courses in ethics so that some bit of change could start.

    An addendum to what @mercy said, NSAIDs are typically a good choice compared to acetaminophen/paracetamol, but at the same time if you have a clinically documented case of aspirin allergies or similar, it may be suitable for you to use Tylenol instead; just use a lower dose. It used to be that a dose of four grams is the "threshold" before seeing liver damage, but some guidelines are lowering that to below even three grams.

    I will fully admit that I was not aware of it crossing the BBB, however. That, and we are also discouraged from categorizing Tylenol as an NSAID in my curriculum.

    I have a different stance on the whole "natural medicine" thing since these days, you can get out of staying within certain regulations by slapping a "Dietary Supplement" label. The vitamins labeled as thus may not necessarily have the amount of vitamins stated on the label. I think there was an uproar a few months ago about possible issues from taking daily vitamins on the news, but I can't remember where I saw it. It might have been in one of the ASHP releases, but I'm not certain.

    That said, everything in moderation. So long as there are no harmful side effects, I don't think there is an issue with trying an alternative before trying typical western medicine.

    In so far as the legalization thing mentioned earlier, I agree, for different reasons. It's a bit of a personal thing when I say I don't like any drug/substance used for recreational purposes. I even realize I'm doing a double standard when I tend to drink a glass of wine every so often. However, I think we're putting far too many resources into stopping something that those who are already doing it will do regardless of the injunctions placed upon them. I mean, look at the Prohibition era. We banned alcohol from the country, but we still had speakeasy joints. So long as there is a demand for it, there's nothing we can do. As long as there are still restrictions on when/where it can be used (as I don't want someone smoking pot around me or in public), it's fine. I think they should be allowed to do whatever they so desire in their own home.


    OMG, @mercy YOU'RE BACK! :D

  • In Song/Band Recommendations

    Um, I guess it would depend on what your preferences for music are...

    I have usually suggested Ludovico Einaudi and the Ahn Trio to people who like classical/instrumental and want something a bit newer/recent.

    The Black Mages are definitely great! I have not listened to them in awhile though... I prefer their take on The Man with the Machine Gun more than the original, honestly...

    Based on the fact you like Daft Punk, I would maybe suggest Metome. He does not have a lot out yet, but I still like his tracks quite a bit. @n1xx showed me this one, actually... plumus-metome.bandcamp.com/

  • In Puerto Rico to become a state!

    Still need Congresses approval for Puerto Rico for statehood I believe.

    That is correct. Both platforms have made allusions or mention of supporting Puerto Rico in the past year, so I believe it is more than likely to happen if Puerto Rico has voted in favour of statehood.

    S-stupid P-puerto Rico! I-it's not like we wanted y-you to j-join us for years or a-anything! ~<3

  • In diffrences

    It requires you to have a very accurate model of what you're trying to teach, very accurate model of the communication channel you're going to use(language), and, contrary to the popular modern-day approach, a rather accurate model of the person you're trying to teach, or at least their current knowledge context.

    Because of this, people also say that to try to teach someone is to relearn the material in a different way and solidify it for yourself. So in a way, you could say teaching is to learn and to know~!

  • In Remember, remember the Fifth of November

    i guess it would be polite to make another post explaining WHY i should remember November 5th, because to me, Nov 5th is just another gloomy Monday afternoon.

    I would also venture to say that a lot of the members of theCL are not British and thus would fail to see the importance as well.

    But I do agree with @PigBoss in that OP is entitled to his opinion on the matter, if that's what he/she truly believes. I don't believe allowing a thread like this will cause outright chaos or anything... :/