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99th percentile

@S9 is top bae T9 until we're 9T


Tanabe joined on Jun 23rd, 2010, since that has made 5 posts that are still accessible today, 0 of which are threads. Helping shape the community, Tanabe has given 199 upvotes, and was last online on Dec 31st, 2017.

  • In [Life] Message to anyone!

    I suffered without you, but being with you brought it's own pain. Even so, I'm thankful for our time together.

    Maybe when the time is right, we can try again.

  • In Gifmas 2017

    @S9 https://78.media.tumblr.com/ea3870ade894420a82f7f058b74ccd86/tumblr_opijlx21HA1uuyy36o1_400.gif

  • In UK: Meet Up for london Expo 2012 October

    For a bit, I actually believed that it was gone, but then I asked my brother. Why must you lie to me? ):

  • In UK: Meet Up for london Expo 2012 October

    You should stop by the panda shop. (If it is still there) OuO

  • In Shirokuma CafĂ©

    When I saw the picture for this, the first thing I was drawn to was the Panda with a panda bag. It was then put on my watch list.